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Kimukatsu 25 Layers of Tonkatsu Goodness- Shangrila East Wing

February 20, 2014

Love katsu? Here’s a unique twist to our classic favorite tonkatsu- Kimukatsu-style. Kimukatsu is one of the latest contenders in Manila’s katsu battle, located in Shangrila’s new East Wing. What sets them apart is the fact that they are the only restaurant in the world that offers 25 layers of mille-feuille katsu in seven flavors. So in Kimukatsu, it’s not just about getting Hire, Rosu or Kurobuta.


Tokyo’s popular 25-layer tonkatsu is now in Manila!

February 17, 2014

Kimukatsu, a famous pork cutlet restaurant in Japan with locations in Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama and Sendai within Japan and international locations in the USA and Korea, has opened its first Philippine location last December 22, 2013 in Shangri-la Plaza East Wing. It was rather fortunate that I was invited by the people behind Kimukatsu to try their dishes.


Kimukatsu in Manila

February 14, 2014

Manila welcomes a new Japanese restaurant, which is famous for its succulent pork cutlets.

Kimukatsu will be familiar to residents of Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama, Seoul, and Waikiki among others. The restaurant’s popularity derives from its flavoursome and juicy 25-layered pork cutlets. Each thinly sliced pork cutlet is rolled on top of each other until all 25 layers cascade into a mouthwatering dish.



February 13, 2014

Sure, there’s a lot of places that serve tonkatsu, but it takes a special kind of genius to truly innovate and outshine against everybody else. I mean, where can you find tonkatsu made with 25 thin layers of pork with added fillings (seven different flavors) separating one flavor of deep, golden-fried pork cutlet from another? At Kimukatsu, no less.


KIMUKATSU Philippines キムカツ: Meet the 25 Layers of Mille-Feuille Tonkatsu in 7 Flavors @KimukatsuPH

February 10, 2014

If you think the Tonkatsu war is saturated and done, and that ramen is taking over, you’ve got it wrong, dear readers. The fact is, there’s a growing trend that’s spreading the metro like wildfire ~ marrying the art of Ramen and Tonkatsu.