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Another Katsu Place? Nah. Kimukatsu Is Different. They Have A Secret Garden.

December 22, 2013

For starters, Kimukatsu is NOT tonkatsu. It’s tonkatsu that’s 25 (YES, TWENTY FIVE) times better than the tonkatsu you may call ‘the best’. It’s rolled pieces of of your preferred pork cuts until thin. And one tonkatsu goes on top of another, and on top of another. Twenty five layers later, it gets breaded and cooked on a fry slow for eight minutes and let alone in two to distribute heat. It’s tonkatsu for everyone. Heck, at times it’s even tonkatsu on two pieces of bread! It is, I think, the best tonkatsu that one couldn’t just imitate and make at home.


Kimukatsu (Culver City, CA)

October 10, 2013

The first real dinner following my recent marathon trip to DC was here at Kimukatsu, an outpost of a well-known Japanese tonkatsu chain that debuted in September. The company operates multiple locations in Japan, Seoul, and even Honolulu (including a takeaway stall called Kimukatsutei), but this is their first mainland US location; a sister restaurant is supposed to open on Sawtelle in the coming weeks. What sets them apart is the way that they construct their cutlets. Instead of using the typical whole pork loin or filet, the meat is sliced thin and stacked 25 layers high, then coated in the usual panko and fried, resulting in a very different eating experience.


Honolulu Cray !!! Kimukatsu’s Tonkatsu !!!

March 13, 2013

By Nicole · On March 13, 2013

We were pretty short on time during our trip to Tokyo so we missed out on one of our favs, tonkatsu, otherwise known as Japanese breaded deep fried pork cutlet. Fortunately, our amazing friends Jasper Wong, who runs POW WOW and Amy Luu of Hobnobcity (she’s restructuring her site at the moment and creating something mind blasting so stay tuned), introduced us to a cray cray tonkatsu spot called Kimukatsu in Waikiki offering all sorts of deep fried deliciousness.